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Sovereign in Her Power

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

Take that first step.... Resistance to greatness has been programmed from our ancestral lineages as a form of protection. In the past that was the only way that women could literally survive. So, if you fall into this pattern don’t blame yourself.

As women grew powerful in their feminine gifts expressed as healers, midwives, leaders, guides, teachers… etc. their very existence aroused the fragile insecurities of a few who were strong enough to force them into hiding or obscurity.

Old paradigm… Stay within the lines... all will be fine. Be pleasing. Be pretty. Be what they want you to be. Step outside of the box and meet with the consequences.

New paradigm…. Soul level authenticity is more important even than physical survival. You responsibility lies with your self first. Your power is yours to wield as you wish.

What is the consequence of not breaking free from those imaginary lines? Self denial is worse than anything that could happen to us from outside.

At times we are like the bird who has lived inside the cage for so long, that when the door is open we forget we can fly free. The only limitations we have are inside our own minds.

Conservative society and religious institutions have worked hard to create such illusions, but they are just that - ILLUSIONS.

It is time to dismantle these old paradigms that continue to perpetuate fear and zap creativity at its root.

Setting yourself free from external measures of self-worth is the essential first step to inhabiting your divine, magical and sovereign self.

The Sovereign Queen in us does not ask for permission nor does she seek approval. She claims her freedom loud and clear as she walks the path led by her own heart.

A Queen is a noble warrior. Fueled by self-love, she follows her path, even when she is afraid. Embodying this archetype will give you the courage to stand in YOUR power and deeply honor YOUR innate value as a woman.

Some may consider her a rebel or even a danger to the fragile walls that are held up with false facades of superiority. Every step she takes she blazes ahead creating new pathways, clearing old paradigms.

The archetype of the Sovereign Queen is full of radiant beauty that comes from a place of inner power, as she is in command of her own life. She naturally gives respect to herself and others.

Courage permeates her being because she knows what she wants and to take the steps to make that her reality (even if fear is there in some form, she still possesses enough courage to act) .

She carries herself with a sense of nobility which comes from living with integrity and a higher vibrational attitude. Finally she is connected with her inner goddess who grants her intuition and inner satisfaction.

The old rules no longer apply. Your crown has always been yours to claim!

Do you want to learn how?

We will go throug

h the steps of becoming the Sovereign Queen of your own life in phase one of my new 1:1 mentorship and Priestess training program, called Empower Your Shakti.


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