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4 Reasons for Balancing Masculine and Feminine Energy

Divine Feminine energy is not just for women and Divine Masculine Energy is not just for men. Both must exist within each person in order to have a happy, healthy conscious relationship.

1. Accessing your feminine side allows you to open your heart

In order for a man to be able to satisfy a woman in his life, he must be in touch with his feminine side. He must be able to open his heart and express his own emotions in a constructive and vulnerable way.

2. Accessing your masculine side will allow you to stay true to your boundaries and sacred purpose even inside of a relationship

A woman must have a developed divine masculine as well. She must be able to hold herself, staying true to her boundaries and purpose inside of the relationship, while being secure in who she is.

3. Without this balance in each individual an unhealthy partnership occurs

If each individual has not allowed for their own masculine and feminine energy to unite, they will end up in a co-dependent dynamic that swings like a pendulum from excitement to devastation.

4. It is the foundation for a Tantric Relationship

Men and Women can co-exist in harmony only when they are capable of understanding the depths of each other. That ability is birthed when the inner masculine and feminine are in balance.

Union within is the prerequisite for any conscious relationship. A Tantric relationship is build on a foundation of stable intimacy that nourishes and connects.

There are ways of being and living that help to cultivate both of these aspects. And that is exactly what I am sharing in my upcoming FREE Masterclass, Tantric Love Principles.

If you wish to balance your inner feminine and masculine energies and enter the mystical realm of Tantra with yourself and your beloved, join me for this divine transmission!

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