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An Invitation to An Enchanted Life


It's time to embody an existence that reflects your inner magic, fills you up

with purpose and pleasure so much so, that it overflows to all areas of your life. 


Weaving together the wisdom of Yoga, Ayurveda, and Tantra;

combining feminine intuition & yogic science, 

this mentorship program is like no other. 


Yogini Shakti Mentorship


✧   Fall totally in love with yourself and your life?

   Become the most radiant, energetic, and joyful YOU                      possible?
   Enhance your feminine energy to magnetize your desires?

  Unlock your innate intuitive power and unique gifts?


   Feel supported as you navigate your life's journey?

✧   Experience deep pleasure and satisfaction in the here and           now?

   Belong to a community of soul sisters who are on 
the same         path?   

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A Truly Personalized Experience

    We will Explore...

   Divine Feminine Awakening

  Goddess Embodiment

  Potential and Purpose

✧   Your Unique Gifts and Life Mission

✧   Health and Happiness from the Inside 

  Sacred Sexuality and Relationships 

   Tantric Awakening/ Yogic Sadhana

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Take my hand, Sister. It would be my honor to guide you to uncover the unique jewel, that is YOU! It's your time to shine! Together let's activate your divine feminine power. Confident, radiant womanhood is your birthright. Let me support you in realizing your full potential! 

With Love, 


Yogini Gopika

The Program


We will meet over Zoom, ideally once a week or every 10 days. Our first call will be a deep dive into your background; followed by other 60-minute sessions (depending on the package you desire). The minimum is 3 sessions, which will allow enough time for the program to be effective. 

Prior to our sessions, you will fill out a short questionnaire to help me get to know you.

We'll meet once every 10 days or sooner over Zoom video chat.
Additional calls can be scheduled as needed.

You'll learn ways to enhance your life and blossom into your highest potential, fully supported on your journey.


Between sessions, you'll be given inspiring practices and tools to incorporate into your daily life.

​I travel often, but \\am based mostly in India and I work with clients virtually worldwide. Sessions must begin within 90 days of purchase. In the event of rescheduling, 24-hour notice is appreciated. Once you claim your spot, you’ll hear from me within 48 hours to schedule our first session. Packages are available to make the program affordable.

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Email support and answers to your questions in

    between sessions.

Adapted to your unique needs and desires.  


 Sisterly support, intuitive guidance, and practical tools.  

 Fun engaging workbooks to keep you inspired on the path.

 Access to the exclusive private FB group, Yogini Shakti          Sisterhood, to connect with like-minded sisters. 


Schedule your FREE 20 minute clarity call with Gopika today!

Lets chat

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" Yogini Gopika has been a powerful inspiration in my life. I met her at an Ayruvedic workshop she was holding at my local yoga center. It was obvious she had wisdom to share and I was intrigued; so I scheduled a private consultation. She held space for me to breathe and express myself in an authentic way. Without judgement she listened carefully with compassion and guided me from her intuitive and experiential knowledge. She put together a lifestyle of diet, herbs and practices that would best suit my constitution. This program totally changed how I took care of myself. 

Yogini Gopika introduced my husband and I to Tantra yoga and the deeper possibilities of an intimate relationship. She showed us that the love in a 17 year relationship can flourish once again. She guided us on how to know ourselves better, and separately as Man and Woman by connecting to the divine and stepping into our personal power; while embracing our differences. The information she had to offer was certainly more helpful than any marriage counseling. I am forever grateful for her guidance and presence in my life. "

Three Session Package

✧ Bonus: Sacred Self-Care: A Goddess's Guide 

E-book specifically designed to support this mentorship program

Three 60 minute sessions to guide you on your divine feminine path of awakening (Value: $360)
Ayurveda, The Mother of All Healing - how to apply ayurveda to your life, plus TWO doshic quizzes

Exclusive One Hour Video Deep Dive by Gopika

Circadian Rhythm Reset- Harmonizing with the Sun and Moon


Caring for Your Body Temple - a personalized self-care plan based on careful ayurvedic analysis that your inner goddess with love, complete with beauty recipes for your skin type (Value: $229)

Ayurvedic Diet - general information plus personalized diet, complete with ayurvedic recipes (Value: $150)

Total Investment: $324 (includes 10% off each $120 session)

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Six Session Package

✧ Bonus: Personalized Oracle Reading 

To see what the universe has in store for you on your spiritual journey

All the magical content included in the Three Session Package (Value: $379)

Six 60 minute sessions to guide you on your path of divine feminine awakening (Value: $720)
Guided Yogini Nidra Audio Journeys and Meditations to activate and balance the chakras (A bundle of Seven Audios.  Value: $100)


Welcome to the Divine Path of Tantra Yoga - learn about Tantra traditions and how to incorporate them in your life (Value: $449)

20% Discount off Feminine Spirituality Codes Course

Total Investment: $612 (includes 15% off each $120 session)


Nine Session Package

Bonus: Shakti Initiation 

Connect to the Goddess Archetype best suited to your nature, astrologically calculated according to Vedic Jyotish

All the magical content included in the other Packages (Value: $828)

Nine 60 minute sessions to guide your divine feminine path (Value: $1080)


Mantra Initiation into Your Goddess Archetype (Value: Priceless!)

 20% Discount off a course of your choice

Exclusive Video - Sacred Sexuality, How to perform Maituna Ritual (Value: Priceless!)

Total Investment: $864 (includes 20% off each $120 session)