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Empower Your Shakti


Sister, are you ready to claim your unique expression of feminine power, erotic freedom and divine connection?

It's time stop playing small and blossom into your fullest expression of feminine radiance!


Do you Desire to...

Wake up full of energy and excited for the day ahead?

Be  oozing with such deep self-worth that it overflows to all that you share? 

Effortlessly  integrate your erotic sensual nature with your spirituality?

Come fully into your power as an embodied Goddess in her own right?


This is possible for you, my love. You are not meant to be live a life stressed out and stretched too thin. 

More abundance, more love, more meaning, more pleasure... and more grounded peace await you.

The path of the Priestess holds the keys to living this type of lusciously ecstatic existence.  

Sovereign Queen  
Embodied Empress  

Tantrik Priestess
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Every women's journey to becoming who she is meant to be in this lifetime will look different, yet many of us follow the same pattern during our awakening. These Goddess-like energies already exist inside of you; making it totally natural to embody each of them, as you imbibe their lessons and gifts.

Dear Sister,

I'm honored to share with you the secrets of the Divine Feminine that have been gifted to me over the years.  These Codes are remembrances of the Priestess path that was once lost, but is now being resurrected in its fullest expression. A lot of what I share has been downloaded in moments of trance, as the Goddess Herself deeply desires for women to claim this knowledge once again.  

In this mentorship I will take you step by step through the mindset and methods required to call back and raise up your personal power in every way.  I have had to do this for myself many times throughout my own life, so I am sharing from a place of full bodied experience.  Together we will create a bridge from self-love to self-realization.

We will work with the transformational energy of three goddess archetypes (The Queen, The Express and The Priestess) to bring about a total activation and integration of your divine feminine energy. 

Empower your Shakti is both a 1:1 Mentorship and Priestess Training Course designed to systematically support your evolution, within a customized intimate experience.  Take my hand Sister.  Let's journey together toward  awakening your highest potential.

It's time to become
the Woman you are
destined to be!
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Sovereign Queen 

Your Initiation

✧ Amplify Self love to its maximum. Claim your worth, while you uproot self sabotage for good.

✧ Cultivate self intimacy by affirming your non-negotiable needs unapologetically

✧ Step into exquisite self-care with Ayurvedic Alchemy

✧ Own your value through Boundary Development 

✧ Transform Pain into Power and Fear into Faith by invoking the power of Durga and Kali Ma

✧ Know who YOU are at YOUR core and be courageous enough to express that in your life

 ✧ Establish your Inner King - Divine Masculine - and be able to hold yourself through any challenge

✧ Become empowered by your Menstrual Cycle 


✧ Create balance between structure and flow

A Queen is a noble warrior. Fueled by self-love, she follows her path, even when she is afraid. Embodying this archetype will give you the courage to stand in YOUR power and deeply honor YOUR innate value as a sovereign woman. 

What 's Included

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SIX 90 Minute Sessions

kundalini vector-01.png

Tantra Yoga Practices

ritual vector-01.png

Sacred Feminine Rituals


Transformational Workbooks


Embodied Empress

Your Liberation

✧ Cultivate Amrita (nectar of youth and immortality) with Tantric practices 

✧ Master the art of Feminine Allure 

✧ Circulate erotic energy (life force) to increase sensitivity, receptivity and vibrancy

✧ Embody Sensual Presence as a way of life

✧ Uncover your deepest desires 

✧ Beautify your body temple with rituals of sacred adornment with Lakshmi Devi

 ✧ Sync with your life purpose and use your erotic energy to manifest your dreams

 ✧ Develop a Self Pleasure practice as an act of Devotion to yourself as Goddess

✧ Connect with your Yoni Power &

Womb Wisdom

Now that you are sovereign. It’s time to sit upon the throne of your Empire. The Empress is an erotic, powerful, mysterious being. Embodying her archetype teaches you to use your sexuality as  fuel to manifest your most coveted aspirations. As the Empress, YOU give YOURSELF permission for pleasure. YOU become YOUR OWN walking embodiment of erotic energy and feminine magnetism.


Tantric Priestess

Your Exaltation

You have claimed YOUR power and activated the erotic energy of your body temple.  It is time to cultivate a divine connection with the Goddess herself . She is in you. She is all around you. You are now ready to be her vessel and to walk this earth as a living Goddess.

✧ Awaken Intuitive Priestess powers with Saraswati Devi

✧ Become a conduit of divine energy, capable of bridging the spiritual and the material realms

✧ Learn the art of Tantric Sex and it's Magic

✧ Become expert at circle casting, ritual and ceremony to facilitate sacred connection

✧ Walk between Shadow and Light with Intention

✧ Enhance your aura and protect your energy

✧ Receive a Secret Mantra (of Ancient Priestesses) Initiation to clear your channels and awaken Kundalini

What's Included

SIX 90 Minute Sessions

mentorship sessions vector-01.png

Sacred Feminine Rituals

ritual vector-01.png

Support through WhatsApp

Tantra Yoga Practices

kundalini vector-01.png

Special Gifts Each Month

mantra vector-01.png

Secret Mantra Initiation

workbook vector.png

Transformational Workbooks

Over the course of three months we will meet over Zoom 6 times for 90 minutes per session. During our sessions we will dive deep into the archetypes, practices, rituals and so much more! Our sessions will also be a time for you to discuss your experience, ask any questions, and receive support where you need it most.  During each call we will spend a half hour in practical application.

This mentorship is designed to put you first and is totally adaptable according to your needs.  There is a structure, but just like the feminine, it is fluid.  We will focus on the areas that are most relevant to what you desire to develop.  Perhaps for some a subject will be a deep dive, whereas for others it may be just a reminder. I will modify both the time spent and the depth of material covered accordingly.  We may move onto the next archetype more quickly depending on your unique understanding.

I am based mostly in India and I work with clients virtually worldwide. Sessions must begin within 30 days of purchase. In the event of rescheduling, 24-hour notice is appreciated. Once you claim your spot, you’ll hear from me within 48 hours to schedule our first session. Payment plans available per request.

Full Body YES?


" Yogini Gopika has been a powerful inspiration in my life. I met her at an Ayruvedic workshop she was holding at my local yoga center. It was obvious she had wisdom to share and I was intrigued; so I scheduled a private consultation. She held space for me to breathe and express myself in an authentic way. Without judgement she listened carefully with compassion and guided me from her intuitive and experiential knowledge. She put together a lifestyle of diet, herbs and practices that would best suit my constitution. This program totally changed how I took care of myself. 
I am forever grateful for her guidance and presence in my life."

Meet  Your Guide


\Yogini Gopika is a Tantrik Priestess, Goddess Embodiment Coach and the founder of ‘Yogini Shakti Tantra’, a temple space designed to empower women through feminine spirituality. She offers initiation into the Priestess path by inspiring her sisters to claim their erotic freedom, soverign power and divine connection.  Weaving together the modalities of Tantra, Yoga and Ayurveda with the mystical realm of Shakti, Gopika offers something truly unique: a path that extracts the essence from the ancient teachings in a way that is both pleasurable and liberating, without being dogmatic.


Gopika’s purpose is to transmit the essence of women’s wisdom by restoring the culture of the Priestess Path, an intuitive way of life that honors nature, the Self and all beings as sacred. She invites her students into a space of self-love by supporting them to get in touch with their own needs and desires, while giving them the tools to find peace and harmony at the soul level. 


In remembrance of a time when sisterhood and brotherhood prevailed; her teachings inspire that Universal Love to be resurrected once again. Gopika has been on the spiritual path for 20 years, most of them spent in the motherland of India. She has been fortunate enough to receive initiations and teachings from her Gurus and the purifying power of India herself. What she shares is a natural outpouring of the wisdom she has cultivated through these experiences, supported by her devoted yogic lifestyle.


Currently, Gopika offers Tantra Yoga Teacher Training and her signature mentorship: Empower Your Shakti, to guide her students and clients towards ultimate liberation as they fulfill their destinies. She has written an E-Book, A Goddess’s Guide to Self-Care and has recently released Opening to Transformation - A Course in Tantric Love. She is a lover, a writer, a seeker and above all else a human woman having an incredible experience as she dances between the realms of existence.

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