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Meet Gopika

Yogini Gopika is a Tantrik Priestess, Goddess Embodiment Coach and the founder of ‘Yogini Shakti Tantra’, a temple space designed to empower women through feminine spirituality. She offers initiation into the Priestess path by inspiring her sisters to claim their erotic freedom, soverign power and divine connection.  Weaving together the modalities of Tantra, Yoga and Ayurveda with the mystical realm of Shakti, Gopika offers something truly unique: a path that extracts the essence from the ancient teachings in a way that is both pleasurable and liberating, without being dogmatic.


Gopika’s purpose is to transmit the essence of women’s wisdom by restoring the culture of the Priestess Path, an intuitive way of life that honors nature, the Self and all beings as sacred. She invites her students into a space of self-love by supporting them to get in touch with their own needs and desires, while giving them the tools to find peace and harmony at the soul level. 


In remembrance of a time when sisterhood and brotherhood prevailed; her teachings inspire that Universal Love to be resurrected once again. Gopika has been on the spiritual path for 20 years, most of them spent in the motherland of India. She has been fortunate enough to receive initiations and teachings from her Gurus and the purifying power of India herself. What she shares is a natural outpouring of the wisdom she has cultivated through these experiences, supported by her devoted yogic lifestyle.


Currently, Gopika offers Tantra Yoga Teacher Training and her signature mentorship: Empower Your Shakti, to guide her students and clients towards ultimate liberation as they fulfill their destinies. She has written an E-Book, A Goddess’s Guide to Self-Care and has recently released Opening to Transformation - A Course in Tantric Love. She is a lover, a writer, a seeker and above all else a human woman having an incredible experience as she dances between the realms of existence.

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My Story


Since I was a young girl, I was in love with the profound beauty and peace found in Nature. For me, life was always full of magic and mystery. Yet, I always felt there was something deeper that no on was able to explain to me. I never quite fit into what was being offered as a life path, knowing that human beings were meant for so much more. Upon getting my first “real job” after college, I can remember an intense longing thinking, “there must be more to life than this”.

Once I discovered yoga, everything quickly transformed and I made a swift exit from mainstream society in search of life’s true meaning. Becoming a yoga teacher was just the beginning, a stepping stone to the unfolding of my life's purpose.

After leaving New York, I journeyed to India and made my home in Vrindavan, the land of Radha Krishna; where every step is a dance and every word is a song. My life fell into a rhythm with the Universe and the Divine. Everything became spiritualized, while living in this holy place known for awakening prema (divine ecstatic love). My heart became purified as I awakened to another reality filled with unbounded joy.

Opening to Transformation

Immersed in the culture of bhakti and deep sadhana I rapidly began to transform to meet the new level of consciousness I was developing. It was as if a portal had been opened and I was being shaped into a more refined expression of myself. During this time Ayurveda and Yoga helped me to integrate and balance all that was being revealed; within and without. In my quest for enlightenment; self-love and self-care became paramount as I faced many challenges that would later become strengths. My outer journey turned inward.

Gradually I began to question the external expectations and conservatism that I found all around me in traditional India. There was a deep desire for a more authentic and spontaneous approach to spirituality.

I realized I had been torn between what my body needed and what my mind thought was the right path. I had sacrificed too much for my beloved and gave away my personal power, as us women often do. Deep down, there was a subtle fear of the changes I would need to make when I started to follow my own intuitive voice. Facing the dark depths of my soul; yet supported by the inner strength I had cultivated, I dismantled the life I had created to start again. 

Just like the metamorphosis a caterpillar makes into a butterfly, it was time for self-sovereignty. In order to evolve we are often required to leave all that we know and love. That is what was being asked of me, yet again... and so I left my Vrindavan home and went back to my birthplace to heal and to teach what I had learned, which was healing in itself.  

Tantric Expression

While living back in the US for less than a year, I really began to crave a spiritual community, as I felt quite alone during this time separated from the joyous celebration that was part of my daily life in India. So, one evening a friend convinced me to come to a Tantra workshop. When the man walked in I could feel the otherworldly quality about him. I was quite impressed and enthusiastically asked him to teach me. He became my guru and friend, later on giving me the chance to journey to Nepal to not only learn Tantra, but teach it by his side. Finally I was being empowered and yet supported when I stumbled. I found myself blossoming in Shanti Yoga Ashram protected by the powerful Himalayas and the energy of Shiva-Shakti. I was able to dive deeper into myself and transform beyond weaknesses, fully embraced by unconditional love. Being in such an environment allowed my gifts to shine and be shared.  

The 3 years or so that I lived in my Guru's tantra yoga ashram gave me the chance to live a yogic lifestyle in its fullest expression. I had no other agenda except to learn, teach, and serve. This created the foundation upon which I am able to stand now and offer my wisdom to support and guide others. That is what it is all about... we receive and we give.  It is a divine cycle and I am blessed to be part of it. 

Since then I have continued to cultivate the Tantric path, developing new levels of realization by facing life experiences with open awareness. Joining with my soul sister, Kamadevi, we are teaching Tantra Yoga teacher trainings and offering retreats in the divine realm of Shakti Awakening. 

Throughout my life, I was naturally practicing Tantra, by listening to the calling of my heart to guide me back to my divine essence of being. I have always wanted to break free from my own imposed limitations and become the best version of myself.  Once I began to know and honor myself more I was able to do that.


Today I love to weave together spiritual practice with my own feminine intuition, challenging myself and my students towards expansion and fearless freedom. My mission is to inspire others to find their unique heart song while embracing self-love as a motivating force to manifest their own greatest potential. It's a joy for me to share the light and love that yoga’s wisdom has to offer blended together with what I have come to understand as "feminine spirituality".

My passion lies in offering transformation programs in the realms of Goddess Invocation & Embodiment, Sacred Sensuality, Tantra, Feminine Spirituality and Women's Wisdom. 

I am dedicated to being a vessel for the Goddess to work through me and am honored to be a part of the Divine Feminine Awakening that is happening on the planet right now.  I truly feel that our dear Mother Earth needs all of us to come together, awake and ready to serve in love.   



  • Tantra Yoga Teacher Training 500 Hours + 3 yrs, Shanti Yoga Ashram, Nepal (Yogi Prakash)

  • Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training 200 Hours, Atmananda Yoga Center, NYC

  • Hatha Yoga Teacher Training 200 Hours, Integral Yoga Institute, NYC - Yoga Alliance

  • Ayurvedic Lifestyle Counselor, American Institute of Vedic Studies (Dr. David Frawley)

  • Maharishi Ayurveda Practitioner Training / Apprenticeship, Harit Spa, Spain (Pilar Franco)

In Appreciation

There has been much support and guidance along the way; I would like to thank my teachers and dearest soulmates who have inspired me on this journey.  Blessings have come in the form of love shared between resonant open hearts on my journey of life.


Thank you to Vijay... my lover, my healer, my magician, the song of my soul you can listen... Your warm embrace, your peaceful face fills me with divine grace... Your eyes twinkle with light, together our hearts take flight... Mesmerized by your love, the gods give blessings from above…Your protective masculine energy envelopes me, supports and honors me like no other. It is so refreshing to find a man like you: caretaker of the earth, lover of the Goddess, wise, handsome and strong.


Thank you to Arun, son of mother Kali, Batuk Bhairav, simply for existing with your natural charm and wide open heart. You have strengthened my connection to Guru Goraknath, selflessly sharing your knowledge of tantric mantra in this line. You are a true bhakta and dedicated yogi, blessed by Lord Shiva. Your faith in me always inspires me to stand in my power. Radhe Radhe! Jai Mata Ki.


Thank you to Guru Yogi Prakash, my Tantra yoga Guru and dearest friend. You lifted me up when I was in most need of direction in my life. You gave me the chance to shine again by encouraging me to value and enhance my yogic powers. By your example I have learned more than words can say. Thank you for transmitting to me the depth of yoga and welcoming me to Shanti Yoga Ashram, where my metamorphosis took place, from a yoga teacher into a yogini. (click pic for website)


Amazingly through Nandini, I met, Kamadevi, my co-teacher and co-creator of Shiva Shakti Tantra. Together we are beautifully blending our sacred gifts to share the light and love of yoga through Tantra Yoga TTC's. Kamadevi, mermaid sister and kindrid spirit, your spontaneous celebration of life is contagious! Our sisterhood is divine and my world is brighter because of you.

Corrine & Gopika

Thank you to Corrinne, my Lemurian soul sister from another life and a far off place. You truly are an embodiment of the feminine elegance and divine qualities. I feel blessed to have you in my life. When we met I instantly knew we were on the same frequency and would find ways to bring our sacred gifts together. You are so beautiful my yogini sister!

Swami Shivalingam, World Yoga Festival

Thank you to Swami Shivalingham Saraswati, for openly teaching us the science of Tantra Yoga coming from His Grace Swami Satyananda. Thank you for enlightening us about all the paths of Tantra and introducing us to the Dasa Mahavidyas. It has been an honor to sit at your feet and learn from such an enlightened being, who is also so down to earth and welcoming. The powerful practices you have given are a sustaining force in my life. Hari Om Tat Sat.

Dev Guru

Thank you Dev Guru, for opening the door to Tantra Mantra and for believing in my capacity to learn. I feel so blessed to have met you (thanks to Shakar Bai) and to receive your power, during that long rainy season in Nepal, when I could fully absorb these sadhanas. Even if your cloth is black, your smile is bright like the sun, full of radiant light. Jai Kali Ma!


Thank you to Radhanath Swami Maharaj for welcoming me into the lineage of Bhakti Yoga, and gifting me with the beautiful name of Kishori Gopika devi dasi. You are simply an inspiration by your very presence; someone who exudes the peace and joy of a self-realized soul full of Krishna prema. It is my great fortune to be connected with your divine grace. Click image for site.


Thank you to my dear mother, Denise Whitney, for teaching me about life’s enchantment by creating magic in our lives. Because of you, I was unafraid to follow my heart’s inner calling. Your love has carried me through life. From you I have learned the divine feminine arts of beauty, self-care and enjoyment of life’s simple pleasures; and most importantly how to love. My sense of self and inner confidence is a result of your motherly nourishment throughout my life. I love you Mom!

Spanish TV program

Thank you to Atmarama dasa, for opening the gateway to Bhakti and glorious Vrindavan dham, whiler teaching me the ancient culture of Vaishnavism. Thank you for sharing your music, your Braj bhav and the beauty of your heart. In this lifetime knowing you has impelled me to claim my own power and authentic self; as the relationships that are most difficult, inspire the most evolution.

Pilar Franco de Sarabia

Thank you to Pilar Franco de Sarabia for being my mentor on the path of Ayurveda, for teaching me how to create balance through diet and lifestyle and the essence of Ayurvedic cooking. Thank you for initiating me into transcendental meditation. You are an example of womanly grace and goddess embodiment.

Hari Om Tat Sat

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