"Here are some of the success stories of my clients and students.  Every person has vast inner potential.  Sometime a little encouragement and support is needed to find and activate that light within.  It is an honor for me to act as a catalyst for transformation in the lives of those seeking self-realization."  - Yogini Gopika

Yogini Gopika takes you to a profound journey into higher realms of existence. Through her eyes manifest the intuitive forces that awaken your own healing process. She invites you into the path of self discovery.  Through her transmission I could understand the full blossoming of the unique Goddess transcendental qualities. The Triple Goddess Activation Course has introduce me into a more profound and secret knowledge that lies in self awareness, self esteem and self care as the corner stones to step into and integrate the higher divine feminine potencies. Now I am more confident to walk, dance and speak in beauty, self respect and self love. I am able to feel my divine feminine power fully, while being able to reciprocate with loved ones and the world from the core of my whole being. Truly blessed to be able to have her guidance.

Ananga Manjari devi dasi

Completed the Triple Goddess Activation Course

Yogini Gopika has been a powerful inspiration in my life. I met her at an Ayruvedic workshop she was holding at my local yoga center. It was obvious she had wisdom to share and I was intrigued; so I scheduled a private consultation. She held space for me to breathe and express myself in an authentic way. Without judgement she listened carefully with compassion and guided me from her intuitive and experiential knowledge. She put together a lifestyle of diet, herbs and practices that would best suit my constitution. This program totally changed how I took care of myself. 


Yogini Gopika introduced my husband and I to Tantra yoga and the deeper possibilities of an intimate relationship. She showed us that the love in a 17 year relationship can flourish once again. She guided us on how to know ourselves better, and separately as Man and Woman by connecting to the divine and stepping into our personal power; while embracing our differences. The information she had to offer was certainly more helpful than any marriage counseling. I am forever grateful for her guidance and presence in my life. 


Tantric Mentorship and Yogini Shakti Sisterhood Member

Gopika was my first teacher and I will always remember her teachings. This is so important because I didn't know that I would become a yoga teacher one day. I didn't put my all attention to the course and I must admit that I was a lazy student, just enjoying the moment. However, I still received so much amazing things about Tantra! Because she was not only teaching, she was also totally living its philosophy. You have some expectations (even sometimes you don't know you have them) and she met them all. Now i look back and see how she devotes herself to her students and everything she teaches.

I really appreciate everything we shared together. In my opinion, its so important to study with someone who is real, not faking it, but living it! Now three years later, I have my own successful yoga studio, thanks to her inspiration. Thank you, Gopika!


Yoga Student


Shakti Mentorship

Having attended a number of the circles, I value this gathering of sisters. Gopika emanates enchantment within these meetings, which welcomes everyone into a deepened sharing and inspiring. An enriching time of playfulness, embodied wisdom and setting the soil for positive direction through intentional meditations. Fused by Gopika’s invitation into discovering the pantheon of Eastern Goddesses’s, which illuminates the way for inner transformation. I am grateful and look forwards to this sacred time together. 



Carla, Kamadevi

Yogini Shakti Sisterhood Member and Co-YTTC Facilitator

Gopika has a deep understanding and wisdom of yoga, tantra and feminine spirituality which comes from her own wealth of experience, making her teachings authentic, valuable and effective. She is a beautiful soul, empathetic communicator, natural guide and healer. She has the capacity to really listen and understand without judgement. The advice and guidance she gives can be practically integrated and applied in ones' life.  


The full moon circles are a great way to connect in a safe space with other sisters on a similar path. The energy created has been highly beneficial to me, along with the nectar and wisdom of Gopika's deeply spiritual and life-enriching teachings. I highly recommend the Yogini Shakti Sisterhood, as it is truly unique and magical.


Yogini Shakti Sisterhood Member

Gopika is a multi-talented tantra yoga teacher, spiritual and wise in all aspects.  She empowers the sacred feminine in all of us, while naturally sharing her knowledge and experience in a way that makes us eager to learn from her.  Her Shakti Circles are unique and uplifting, full of wisdom and joy.  


Gopika has been travelling and teaching all over the world, transforming the lives of many.  She is the master of masters, the Goddess of the Goddesses; filled with love and care for her students.


Yogini Shakti Sisterhood Member

I'm grateful that Gopika introduced me to the tantric yoga techniques. I much appreciated how she transmitted the knowledge to me: in such a pleasant feminine attitude. I very much enjoyed her words and vision of beauty which created a lively picture of the Divine Mother in my subconsciousness. I'm so grateful for this, because it has given me strong motivation and stamina to do my daily sadhana and to become a vessel to reconnect again and again with this beautiful energy of the Divine Mother. The yoga nidra was magical, Gopika guided me into an alchemistic, mesmerized state of consciousness which I perceived as a source of healing and creativity. I strongly recommend working with her. THANK YOU! 


Shakti Mentorship

I met Gopika in October 2017, when I went for a yoga retreat at Shanti Yoga Ashram in Nepal. Gopika gave a lecture about Ayurveda. I became curious about it, and decided that I should learn more about Ayurveda and make some positive changes in my life. Gopika helped me to achieve a healthier lifestyle, and her guidance helped create several positive changes. I started to cook more by making healthy meals. I learned how to cook things that I never thought I could do before, and did not imagine that was so simple, and became more slim without effort. I felt lighter and healthier.  I became more aware of what I was eating and how to look after myself on daily basis; understand myself better, according to my predominant dosha. 


Gopika is a person that I fully trust and I feel so blessed that I met her. She has knowledge and passion for what she does; at the same time she transmits her knowledge with kindness and in a way that is easy to understand. As Gopika lives yoga, she also showed me how to see some aspects of my life in a new way. Learning to not be so demanding with myself and practicing self-care; she reminded me to cultivate my feminine energy. Sometimes we tend to forget the Goddess that we have inside. I learned how to receive and to be more open to the natural flow of life. I was so inspired by her that I took another step and completed my Tantra Yoga Teacher Training with her in February 2019. I am always grateful for everything I learned from her!


Shakti Mentorship and Tantra Yoga Teacher Training

"I can testify that after my visit to Shanti Yoga Ashram almost two years ago, I am continuing to feel the unfolding of the potent energy that was transmitted there. When I first came to the ashram I was suffering from numerous health issues both physical and psychological. After one month of training I felt better than I had ever felt in my entire life. In my first class with Guruji I was freed from the physical pain that had hindered my meditation practice. With Gopika’s guidance and teachings on Ayurveda I learned how to truly live a yogic lifestyle, incorporating these teachings into the modern western lifestyle I am living now. What a gift! I am full of gratitude for everyone who has helped in bringing the eastern wisdom to the western world. We are so very in need of this science at this time! Thank you to the whole ashram family. Hari om."


Tantra Yoga Teacher Training

Gopika practices what she preaches and teaches from what she experiences. I find this super important in a spiritual guide and teacher. She holds deep knowledge of the yoga and ayurveda traditions and shows true passion for the work that she does. I'm grateful to have had her as a teacher at Shanti Yoga Ashram in Nepal and I can definitely say that my digestion would never be so flourishingly good if it hadn't been for what she taught me.


Tantra Yoga Teacher Training

I loved working with Yogini Gopika. I started receiving mentoring from her after experiencing deep grief.  She taught me techniques to heal my body and my soul. We started with simple nourishing warm foods, then with movement and finally with some meditations. I still use the tools that Yogini Gopika taught me on a daily basis. I know how to incorporate the herbs and foods when I am feeling out of sorts. She is kind and compassionate and helped me through a very difficult time. 


Shakti Mentorship

Dear Beautiful Gopika, Thank you for all your smiles, support and teachings in the right moment. You know how to trust yourself to fully step into your full Power and shine your light... and not only yours; you know how to uplift and inspire the light in others. Your feminine way of holding space combined with the ayurvedic knowledge was perfect at Shanti Yoga Ashram in Nepal. Your teachings provided structure and and deep wisdom. And in Yoga Nidra, you spaced us all out, as usual! Thanks my love!

Sali Pip

Tantra Yoga Teacher Training

Yogini Gopika transmits the essence of the inner goddess through her being, work and life! When you are in her presence you help awaken our inner guru, which lays mostly dormant in our lives. It was a real joy, pleasure and privilege to have Yogini Gopika as a teacher - you receive from her presence and teachings so the gifts of abundance, love, care and wisdom.

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