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"Every person has vast inner potential.  Sometimes encouragement and support is needed to remember one's divine nature.  It is an honor for me to act as a catalyst for transformation in the lives of those seeking spiritual evolution. Here are some of the success stories of my clients and students."  - Yogini Gopika

Mentorship Testimonials

Tantric Mentorship and Yogini Shakti Sisterhood Member
" Yogini Gopika has been a powerful inspiration in my life. I met her at an Ayruvedic workshop she was holding at my local yoga center. It was obvious she had wisdom to share and I was intrigued; so I scheduled a private consultation. She held space for me to breathe and express myself in an authentic way. Without judgement she listened carefully with compassion and guided me from her intuitive and experiential knowledge. She put together a lifestyle of diet, herbs and practices that would best suit my constitution. This program totally changed how I took care of myself. 

Yogini Gopika introduced my husband and I to Tantra yoga and the deeper possibilities of an intimate relationship. She showed us that the love in a 17 year relationship can flourish once again. She guided us on how to know ourselves better, and separately as Man and Woman by connecting to the divine and stepping into our personal power; while embracing our differences. The information she had to offer was certainly more helpful than any marriage counseling. I am forever grateful for her guidance and presence in my life. "


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Sisterhood Testimonials

Yogini Shakti Sisterhood Member

" Gopika has a deep understanding and wisdom of yoga, tantra and feminine spirituality which comes from her own wealth of experience, making her teachings authentic, valuable and effective. She is a beautiful soul, empathetic communicator, natural guide and healer. She has the capacity to really listen and understand without judgement. The advice and guidance she gives can be practically integrated and applied in ones' life.  


The full moon circles are a great way to connect in a safe space with other sisters on a similar path. The energy created has been highly beneficial to me, along with the nectar and wisdom of Gopika's deeply spiritual and life-enriching teachings. I highly recommend the Yogini Shakti Sisterhood, as it is truly unique and magical. "