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It's time to unleash your inner goddess

and become the woman you are destined to be!

These programs have been inspired by my own spiritual journey; which deepened when I learned to love myself fully, honor my truth and harness my creative energy. The feminine spiritual path is both fluid and pleasurable, just as we women are cyclical and lunar. 


By aligning with our natural rhythms, intuition expands. It is from the depths of inner connection that the fuel to step into our authenticity and power becomes available to us. 


Rather than putting pressure on yourself to achieve perfection; I invite you to dive deep with me into the magical realm of feminine awakening. It's time, Sister to live the live that you were truly meant to lead.  The temple doors are open. 


Feminine Spirituality Codes

Seven Secrets to Walking this Earth as a Living Goddess


A 9 Week Journey Into the Depths of the Feminine

✧ Strengthen your connection to your menstrual cycle

✧ Cultivate your inner nectar and mystical eroticism

✧ Awaken Kundalini Shakti (Full Potential & Power)

✧ Gain the ability to remain in your Queenhood even              when life is challenging

✧ Allow yourself to feel it ALL, open up to in the awe                and the magic and mystery buzzing all around you

✧ Shift your mindset to experience a deep blossoming            that is heart centered and orgasmic.

Join us Sister, as we dive deep into these Feminine Spirituality Codes, channeled from ancient women's wisdom held by Priestesses long ago. They will indeed help you to remember all that you are and all that you are meant to be!


Yogini Shakti Mentorship

Weaves together the wisdom of Yoga, Ayurveda, Tantra and Feminine Intuitive Powers.

✧Personalized Experience

✧Transformational Tools

✧Sisterly Guidance

✧Evolutionary Methods

✧Activate Potential & Power

✧Unique Bonuses

It's time to awaken radiant, confident womanhood!



Tantra is that which opens the doorway to reach your full potential in this lifetime. Our intention is to give you the tools and the way to unlock its secrets and its blessings.

✧ Experience a deep dive into the essence of yoga

✧ Cultivate your creativity, intuition and meditation practice

 ✧ Inspire your personal growth and expression

✧ Supportive loving atmosphere

✧ Combines ancient and modern methods for a multi-faceted experience

✧ Expert and caring team of teachers

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" Yogini Gopika transmits the essence of the inner goddess through her being, work and life! When you are in her presence you help awaken our inner guru, which lays mostly dormant in our lives. It was a real joy, pleasure and privilege to have Yogini Gopika as a teacher - you receive from her presence and teachings so the gifts of abundance, love, care and wisdom.  "