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Opening to Transformation
A Course in Tantric Love

Would you like to access all the power that lies within you?  Tantra provides many keys to doing so and one of them is through sacred sexuality.  This course will start you on your journey to accessing blissful states of consciousness, while opening your heart to deeper intimacy and fulfillment.

Inspired by my own deep journey on the Tantric path, I look forward to sharing with you the key teachings which have created radical shifts in my way of being in the world -  a way that supports greater pleasure, personal expansion and overall joy! 

Take my hand, dear soul, let's begin your Tantric transformation.


Part One

Tantric Love Principles Masterclass

Parting the Veils:

The Magical Realm of Tantra

Part Two
Accessing Love

Refining Your Divine Instrument

Mystical Eroticism:

Tantric Expression & Embodiment

Part Three
Divine Union

Tantra Yoga: Self Mastery


Love Ritual - Sacred Union

PLUS: Tantric Embodiment Practices, an exclusive ONE-ON-ONE with Gopika to answer any questions, Mantra Initiation, LIFETIME access to all course materials, an exclusive audio journey, and much more!


Module One: Parting the Veils

Welcome to the Magical Realm of Tantra

What is Tantra?

Liberate Your Self by Living Life

Shift into a Divine Perspective

Embody Divine Masculine & Feminine


Consecrate and Celebrate 

Practice: Shiva Yantra Meditation

Module Two: Purify into Freedom

Refining Your Divine Instrument

Balance between structure and flow

Sattvic Lifestyle is the Energetic Container

Humility Embodied

Beyond Ego into Authentic Being

Connecting to your Soul Essence

Divine Surrender and Self-Trust

Practice: Journey from Fear to Faith


Module Three: Mystical Eroticism

Tantric Expression and Vision

Tantric Love vs. Societal Love

Set your Sensual Self Free

Relationship Dynamics

Deepen into Intimacy

Making your Connection Divine

Practice: Sensual Presence


Module Four: Tantra Yoga

Self Mastery through Technique

Mudra, Bhanda

Tantric Breathing

Chakra Awareness

Microcosmic Orbit

Self-Practice & Energy Cultivation

Practice: Raising the Kundalini

Sacred Sexuality BONUS:

The Embodied Man

The Embodied Woman


Module Five: Transfiguration

Divine Embodiment

​Preparation for the Great Union


Intimacy, Vulnerability and Oneness


Dance, Play and Pleasure


Sex as a Sacred Ritual

Practice: Maituna Sadhana - Ritual Love Making

BONUS: Mantras for Ritual

Sex Magick and Sensual Touch

Bonus Video: Tantra Love Goddesses

A glimpse into the Four Love Goddess and how you can access Their gifts in your lovemaking.
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Suggested Course Schedule

 Weeks  One-Two 

Bonus Masterclass: Foundation of Tantric Love Principles

Bonus Masterclass: Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine

Module One:"Parting the Veils:

Welcome to the Magical Realm of Tantra"

Enter the container of this sacred course by receiving an initiation into the mystical realm of Tantra.

Mantra Initiation and Shiva Yantra Meditation.

Receive Practice: Present Moment Awareness. Shiva Activation.

Bonus Talk: Consecrate and Celebrate

✧ Week Three 

Module Two: "Purify into Freedom: Refining Your Divine Instrument"

Discover Your Dosha Quiz

Receive Practice: Yoga Nidra

Receive Practice: Visualization
Journey from Fear to Faith

Week Four 

Module Three: "Mystical Eroticism: Tantric Expression"

Receive Practice: Sensual Presence

Exclusive Q+A

Week Five 

Module Four: "Tantra Yoga: Self Mastery with Mudras & Bandhas"

Bonus Video: Microcosmic Orbit

Receive Practice: Embodied Woman / Embodied Man

Receive Practice: Raising the Kundalini

✧ Week Six 

Module Five: "Transfiguration: Divine Embodiment"

Receive Practice: Maituna Sadhana - Ritual Love Making

BONUS:  Mantras for Ritual

BONUS: Sex Magick and Sensual Touch

✧ Week Seven 

Exclusive Q+A and Closing Ceremony

BONUS: Tantra Love Goddesses

* Each module consists of a minimum of 60 minutes long pre-recorded lecture style class.  The practice for each module will be an additional video/ audio.

Sacred Exchange: $333

Residents of India Receive 50% Off
E-mail me with proof of residency for this discount.
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