Take my hand as we dive deep into this ancient women's wisdom that is celebratory and inclusive of all that YOU are. 


Allow me to transmit the essence of feminine spirituality that invites you to come home to yourself and realize that the

Goddess lives within you.


Your Inner Yogini is Calling

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Do you feel a deep yearning to become who you are meant to be in this lifetime? 

You know you have magic inside of you, but are struggling to fully access it? 

It's time for your Yogini Shakti to awaken!

I invite you to release the goal-orientated approach of striving for perfection and instead open up to that which is already divinely perfect on the inside, just waiting to be remembered.  Yes, I'm talking about your inner Goddess.  Sister, you are designed to embody the highest form of feminine divinity, Shakti.  Let's step into this truth together. 


 It's time to move into a life that is more in alignment with your unique needs and desires; that honors your pleasure and purpose.  You truly can overcome self-sabatoge, playing small or depleting yourself to please everyone else.  Freedom and Fluid Feminine Flow await you.

Yogini Shakti Tantra is fueled by the transmission of ancient feminine wisdom, intuitively designed to awaken the Goddess within YOU!

The intention of “Yogini Shakti Tantra” is to give you the holistic tools to step fully into your divine the feminine essence.  


What is a Yogini

A Yogini is one who experiences the bliss of being established in her core. She has realized her full potential, her authentic and inspired Self, her divine Self. 

The Yogini's inner connectedness allows her to relish the simple pleasure of being alive while being in harmony with universal powers.  She is capable of experiencing and creating magic. She knows her value and lives as an embodiment of divinity; honoring her own body temple.  She is trusting and fearless, knowing she is supported by universal powers.

​Embracing the light and the dark with full love and acceptance; she is transcendental. She is a conduit, a force of awakening in the world, guiding others towards fulfillment and joyful living. Conscious and in flow with the river of life; she is unbounded and free.

A Yogini, in its true sense of the word, is much more than a female yoga practitioner. She is a woman who is intuitively aware and able to communicate with the divine realm.  A Yogini possesses exuberant passion, spiritual powers, and deep insight. She is a Priestess, a master of herself, truly embodying her creative capacity and divine eroticism.

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Gifts from the Goddess

   Benefits of Walking the Path of Feminine Spirituality

Radiant Health and Vibrant Energy

Internal Freedom that boosts Creativity

Intuitive Knowing by connecting to your own Power

Sensual Awareness, Presence and Pleasure

Clarity to know your truth and Courage to follow that truth

Compassion towards yourself throughout your journey

Love for yourself that radiates out to all beings

The ability to hold yourself in Sovereignty

Enhanced Relationships in all areas of your life.

The Temple of Yogini Shakti Tantra invites you to embrace the possibility of existing in a state of enchantment, where everyday life is full of synchronicity and joyful celebration.

Shakti awaits in the depths of your being and is eager to open the door to

blissful embodiment of your Goddess-like Self.