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Feminine Spirituality Codes

Seven Secrets to Walking this
Earth as a Living Goddess

Do you know how to make love with the Universe?

With the moon and the stars?

With all the energies swirling around in Nature’s magnificent garden? ⁠

The feminine yearns to be deeply penetrated by life itself.⁠


She yearns to be filled to the brim with presence and power. ⁠

How much are you willing to let in?


You are being invited to expand beyond your boundaries just a little bit more. Can you allow yourself to feel it all?⁠ Can you open up enough to be in awe of the magic and mystery buzzing all around you?⁠


Feminine Spirituality calls for a shift deep within, in the way to approach not only your practice, but your entire life. The feminine is all about integration and connection. It's about going beyond perceived goals and welcoming in all the beauty and bounty of the Goddess Herself.


Feminine spirituality calls for a deep blossoming, that is heart centered and orgasmic. ⁠

Join us sister, as we dive deep into these Feminine Spirituality Codes, channeled from ancient women’s wisdom held by Priestesses long ago.   They will indeed help you to remember all that you are and all that you are meant to be.

Feminine Spirituality Codes is a 9 Week Journey into the Depths of the Divine Feminine.
If you want to add some freshness and pleasure to your spiritual life...
If you want  to feel the spark of joy upon waking each morning...
If you want to embody the essence of the divine feminine in your daily life...
The Feminine Spirituality Codes awaits you...

Course Schedule

The Feminine Spiritually Codes Course is designed to be taken over several weeks, with the first and last week being group ceremonies, plus seven pre-recorded modules of 90 minutes long. 

You will receive a workbook for the entire course.  See schedule and details below: 


Live Group Initiation Call

Focus: Shift into exquisite Self-Love of the highest order

We'll also introduce each other and the Facebook group where members can interact and hold space for one another while progressing through the modules. 


Learn to ride the waves of change each month with grace and watch your feminine power amplify!⁠

You will learn:

-  How to honor each phase of your menstrual cycle and harness its unique gifts

-  Practices to do at each phase of your moon cycle

-  What being in Flexible Feminine Flow is all about and how it can change your life.


Transform yourself into a pure vessel to allow in divine energy, intuition and the power of manifestation.

You will learn:

-  The crucial link between self-trust, intuition and your authentic self

-  How to cleanse your aura and your emotions

-  Tantric practices to move energy through your body temple


Your sensuality is a gateway to your spirit.  Your power lies in your presence!

You will learn:

-  How to remove blockages to deep feeling

-  A daily routine to bring in sensuality

-  Mindfulness as a key tool to creating the space


Choose expansion rather than contraction. ⁠ Surrender rather than control. ⁠

You will learn:

-  How to regain childlike wonder, innocence and freedom

-  The reason femininity thrives on pleasure

-  Practices to do in daily life


If you truly desire to be desired and to taste your own internal richness; then keep some of your power hidden within.⁠

You will learn:

-  How to cultivate inner nectar (amrita)

-  The art of feminine allure

- Tactful expression that honors your truth


You are divine and so are your desires.  Your body is the vehicle, the gift by which to create all that yearns to flow through you.

You will learn:

-  Practices to awaken Kundalini Shakti, the essence of feminine power

-  How to circulate and direct your sexual energy

-  How to make life itself into a grand love affair

Bonus offering: Guided Visualization – Transfiguration into the Goddess of Sacred Sexuality

“Nature is my temple.  My body is the offering.” 


Put on your crown Sister and claim your queendom!  Noble and confident, aligned power is in your hands.

You will learn:

-  Ways to move beyond self-sabotage and playing small

-  How to balance spontaneous expression and grounded presence, Shiva Shakti Yoga

-  Self-responsibility as a divine duty

- How to remain in your Queenhood when life is challenging

-  How to claim and celebrate your unique gifts


Final Celebration Ceremony with Q & A via Zoom

Focus: Integration


Faith, Divine Connection, Accountability, Surrender, Softness, Transparency, Vulnerability, Conscious Communication, Sacred Relationships, Divine Desire, Intimacy.

Feminine spirituality invites you to open yourself to something much bigger, to all the possibilities that exist within you; hence to all the faces of the Goddess.

Meet Your Creatrix

Tantrik Priestess and Intuitive Spiritual Guide, Yogini Gopika has created “Yogini Shakti Tantra” to empower women through feminine spirituality by transmitting the secrets  of women's wisdom. She has dedicated her life to living as an embodiment of the Goddess and inspiring other women to do the same.

Gopika shows the way for women to lead more pleasurable fulfilling lives in alignment with their authentic creative power.  Her teachings merge the  mystical and the erotic to create  personal evolution and inner freedom.  She is honored to be a part of the divine feminine awakening that is taking place on this planet right now.



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What Sisters Are Saying

" The Full Moon circles are a great way to connect in a safe space with other sisters on a similar path. The energy created has been highly beneficial to me, along with the nectar and wisdom of Gopika's deeply spiritual and life enriching teachings. I HIGHLY recommend this Sisterhood. "
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Offer your fear to the divine and allow destiny to guide you.⁠

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