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Awaken the Divine Power within You 

It's time to lift the veils to purity, presence, and power.
Your unique destiny awaits...  

Welcome to Yogini Shakti Tantra

A Temple Space to Merge the Mystical & the Erotic


Tantra Yoga & Kundalini Awakening

✧ Sacred Sexuality

✧ Self-love (Ayurvedic Self-care)

✧ Priestess Path - Ceremony and Ritual

✧ Goddess Embodiment

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Empower Your Shakti


Journey through THREE ARCHETYPES:

Sovereign Queen, Embodied Empress & Tantrik Priestess.


Opening to Transformation

A Course in Tantric Love

✧ Access Your Inner Power

✧ Open Your Heart to Deeper Intimacy and Fulfillment

✧ Sacred Mantra Initiation

✧ Harmonize Divine Masculine & Feminine

✧ Love, Be Loved and Share in the Ecstasy of Love's Embrace

A Message from Gopika


Welcome to Yogini Shakti Tantra!

I am delighted that you are here! I have created this space for women, like you, who desire a spiritual life, specially made for the female nature.

For many years, I tried to live up to external expectations of a path designed by and for, male aspirants. I could hear my own intuition telling me the process of awakening didn't need to be a struggle; I knew it should be fluid and pleasurable. In fact, I realized that it must be a natural blossoming into my own innate soul beauty!


My quest led me to India at an early age, where I spent the better part of the last 17 years... I will never forget the moment I got off the plane and felt the energy of the divine mother embracing me. In that ancient land, the Goddess still had a seat on Her throne! I knew that I had come home.


The path of Feminine Spirituality is multi-dimensional and mystical. Like us women, it has many curves beckoning us to explore. I would love nothing more than to be your guide as you step into your unique power and purpose.

The time is now, my sisters. You deserve to live a life that satisfies your soul's desire for something deeper. The world needs your love and shining light.  Join me in the sacred realm where the magic  of your inner Goddess is invited to shine at Her full potential. 

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A Goddess's Guide to Self-Care

✧ Align Your Five Bodies of Existence

✧ Discover Secrets of Feminine Radiance & Inner Harmony

✧ Honor Your Body Temple

✧ Awaken Your Intuition

✧ Embody the Bliss that is Your Birthright

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