Triple Goddess Activation


The Evolution of Feminine Enlightenment


Durga:: Lakshmi:: Saraswati


If you are a woman on the spiritual path, it is essential to embody this sacred trinity. Each Goddess offers valuable gifts and profound lessons; to become the strong, magnetic and wise woman you are meant to be!


Durga Activation: Awakening Fearlessness. Embodying the Warrioress.


Lakshmi Activation: Awakening Pleasureful Abundance. Embodying the Muse.


Saraswati Activation: Awakening Intuition. Embodying the Free Wise Woman.


Introductory Module - Archetypal Alchemy

You will learn how Deity/ Archetype invocation works and why it is such a powerful Tantric practice.   Key elements of this science will be given along with an overview of the evolutionary importance of beginning with Durga and ending with Saraswati.  Beyond Hinduism, you will gain an understanding of why these 3 Goddesses are relevant to every woman’s journey toward enlightenment.  


In addition each Goddess will consist of the following 4 modules:


  1. Acquaint: You will learn the qualities of the Goddess, along with her mythology, her male counterpart, her likes and dislikes, etc.  This stage will set the foundation for the rest of the course to come.  It will be like meeting a long lost friend, who is also a part of yourself.  


  1. Invoke : You will learn how to perform the sadhana (spiritual practice) to call each Goddess into your life.  This will include her bija mantra, her vedic mantra, her yantra 

(geometrical shape) and the chakras/ elements that she rules.  This will be a practice based module, extremely powerful and transformative.  


  1. Embody: You will learn how to truly merge with the personality and energy of the Goddess.  We will focus on the feminine arts related to the goddess and how to amplify those areas of your life.  How does the Goddess walk, speak, dress, eat…?  Tantric love styles of each Goddess and how to apply them will also be covered here.  These lessons will be pleasurable and engaging.


  1. Actualize: You will learn how to shift the perspective in your life to one that truly honors the Goddess of our focus.  She offers ways of being in the world that offer spiritual breakthroughs powered by intuitive wisdom.  When we truly become one with her energy; then naturally we are able to awaken to higher states of consciousness that create positive change and profound life lessons.  


You will receive:


PDFs related to each Goddess consisting of practices, contemplations and journaling exercises.


The Modules will consist of video material taught by Yogini Gopika (read her bio here) that is yours for life.


There will be theory and practices inside of each module.


Visual material: Yantra of each Goddess along with a picture of Her for use on your personal altar, meant to be printed.  


3 month access to the private FB group Shakti Rising Sisterhood, a circle of like-minded women who are interested in goddess awakening and the divine feminine.   


Bonus: 3 Yoga Nidra recordings for each Goddess to bring her energy into your subconscious mind, to more fully absorb her gifts and her divine presence.


3 Group Q & A Sessions via Zoom, after the final module of each Goddess is released.


Bonus: 3 Month Free Membership to the Shakti Rising Sisterhood


Bonus: E-book, Sacred Self-Care - A Goddess’s Guide


Any questions? Please write to me:

A free 20 minute call is available to answer your questions as well as for us to get

to know each other before you make your decision to take this journey with me. 

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It is time to unleash your inner goddess and become the woman you are destined to be.