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Tantrik Priestess

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Now that you have claimed your power and dived deep into your body temple; it is time to cultivate a divine connection with the Goddess herself. She's in you, yet she is also all around you. You are now ready to be her vessel and to walk this earth as a living Goddess. It’s time to merge the mystical and the erotic!


This phase includes Priestess Powers (codes to live by), a sacred sex magic ritual to do by yourself and/or with a partner and the wisdom you need to journey out into the world as a Priestess of the Goddess.

Sister, have you ever felt that something was missing from what you learned about spirituality? That your body was as sacred as your spirit? That your feminine power came directly from the Goddess Herself?

The Priestess comes in to remind us that we are a walking embodiment of the Goddess. She reminds us that each and every part of us is divine.  When the Goddess starts to move your life, the only thing to do is to become her Priestess. Words cannot explain the feelings of Her presence.⁠ She is like a river of nectar. She is like a warm embrace. She is the feeling of joyful awakenedness.⁠ Everyday is a celebration. A reason to sing and dance. You feel as if you're overflowing with an aliveness that just can't be put into words.

As you allow her to swirl around inside of you, you become more of who you always knew you could be.⁠ Insecurities drop away and you remember why you came here. ⁠ Love emanates from your heart to all beings and you feel a sense of easeful freedom in your body.⁠ Shakti is the essence of all the sparkles, that lights you up from the inside.

The Tantrik Priestess embodies the Divine Mother, the Divine Whore, the Divine Lover, the Wild Woman, the Innocent Maiden. She is here to uphold all varieties of feminine expression and she will show you how to do the same internally and out in the world.


The Power of the Priestess

You will LEARN how to:

✧ Merge the mystical and the erotic through Tantric Sex Magic

✧ Become a bridge between this earthly dimension & the beyond

✧ Invoke the Goddess Saraswati  through Mantra Initiation 

✧ Perform Priestess rituals that infuse daily life with intentional purpose and power

✧ Protect your energy and cleanse  your aura

✧ Embody Sacred  Relationship

You Will Receive

✧ Two  Private 1:1 sessions with Gopika

✧ TWO Workbooks:  Priestess Powers and Priestess Practices (the practice section goes quite deep)

✧ Videos: How to Cast Circle and Perform Ceremony and Aura Cleansing and  Sacred Protection

✧ Practice Video: Mantra Initiation to clear your channels and awaken Kundalini 

GIFT: Tarot Card and Oracle Reading

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Sacred Rituals

Saraswati Invocation

Mantra Initiation Ceremony

Sacred Sex Ritual

Shiva Shakti Divine Union Experience
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