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Sovereign Queen

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Embodying the archetype of the Sovereign Queen will give you the courage to stand in your power. A Queen is also a noble warrior, who stands by the truth of who she knows herself to be.  She may be afraid at times, but that does not stop her from following her path.  In the fire of her dedication any trace of self-doubt becomes transformed into self-love of the highest order.  Exquisite self-care becomes an expression of a deeper honoring of her innate value as a woman who is both human and divine. The Queen will initiate you into courage, sovereignty and radiant feminine power.

Sister, are you tired of being afraid of how the world will receive your power? Do you feel you need to honor your boundaries, especially when it comes to self-care? 
It's time to take your rightful seat on your throne!

If you answered yes to either of those questions, then it's time to welcome the Queen into your life. Month One is about taking the journey from Princess to Sovereign Queen. A Princess might complain as she goes along with what others want, while a Queen honors her needs.  A  Princess will desire for someone to save her or do the work for her, but a Queen is capable to do that for herself.  A Queen knows how to set boundaries, to take care of her energy, and find the courage she needs to stand by her truth.

In this phase you will: develop your boundaries by honoring your needs first and foremost, uproot self sabotage for good, learn to let self love guide you, transmute pain into power, gain the skills to hold yourself through any challenge with nourishment and ease, develop a radical self-care practice with Ayurvedic Alchemy, and step into your mature feminine.  Your Sovereign Queen awaits.


Take the Journey from Princess to Queen

You will LEARN how to:


✧ Uproot self sabotage for good

✧ Develop self-love, self care  and self intimacy

✧ Strengthen your intuition

✧ Honor your menstrual cycle

✧ Transform fear into faith with Durga Ma, the Warrior Goddess

✧ Establish a strong foundation  (Develop your inner Shiva, Divine Masculine presence)

✧ Evolve into YOUR unique mature feminine

You Will Receive

✧ Two Private 1:1 sessions with Gopika

✧ Three Workbooks: Key Queen Codes, Queenly Contemplations and Sovereign Queen Practices

✧ Two Videos: Ayurvedic Wisdom for Women  & Menstrual Magic - Harnessing the power of your cycle

✧ Video: Pranayama and Ajna Chakra Awakening

✧ Special Audio journey of Yoga Nidra with hypnosis to Release Fears & Limiting Beliefs

GIFT: A Goddess's Guide to Self-Care (the e-book)


Sacred Rituals

Havan - Fire Sacrifice Ceremony to clear the path of obstacles

Shakti  Invocation and Puja

Self-Care Rituals - Sacred Routines

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