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Sovereign Queen

Your Initiation

Embodying the Sovereign Queen will give you the courage to stand in your power. A Queen is a noble warrior, who may be afraid at times, but still walks forward on her path. In the fire of her dedication any trace of self-doubt becomes transformed into self-love of the highest order.  Exquisite self-care becomes an expression of a deeper honoring of her innate value as a woman who is both human and divine. The Queen will initiate you into unshakable sovereignty.

Sister, would you like to discover the source of true feminine power?
Would you like to strenthen your own inner masculine to source support from within?
How about being unafraid to unapologetically state your needs and deep desires?

If you answered yes to these questions, then it's time to take the journey from the Princess to the Sovereign Queen.
A Princess might go along with what others want, while a Queen honors her own inner voice.  A  Princess often longs for someone to save her or do the work for her, but a Queen has the skills to navigate this life with ease.  She knows how to set boundaries, take care of her energy, and find the courage to fulfill what she came here to do.​

Take the Journey from Princess to Queen

You will learn how to:

Harness the power of your Cyclical Nature

Uproot self sabotage for good

Transmute pain into power

Develop a radical self-care routine

Source strength from Mother Nature

Invoke the power of Durga and Kali Ma

Establish your Inner King - Divine Masculine nature

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