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The Magical Power of Menstruation

Updated: Aug 29, 2020

Dear Sisters,

Today as I rest in my home temple, in the silence of myself; I realize how fortunate we are as women to have our monthly cycle. Every red moon is an invitation for us to get quiet and process the month we have just lived.

​Not only is it a time to cleanse and release, it is also our chance to just be and deeply nourish our feminine spirit. As our hormones settle and our blood begins to flow, we are able to be in that space that is free from doing. This gives us a huge opportunity for magic. Getting honest with ourselves as we slow down allows us to clear out the old and realign with our core being. It is a gift, my moon sisters. Let us embrace it with love.

Listening to Your Intuitive Voice

All we need to do is sit down or even lie down, soften into the space around us as we spiral inward. Turn off the distractions (computers, phones…) and remove yourself from the company of others. This is the time, if ever there was one, to say NO. It is our natural time to retreat from the world without apologies. Let go of the guilt sister and give yourself this sacred time!

As we get quiet our intuitive voice can be heard. She speaks in whispers that are ever so valuable. Wisdom arises from the depths as long as we do our part and allow the unfolding to happen. So, let the body rest from daily demands as it is going through its own process. It is a time to skip the workout, stop tidying the house and cozy up in your favorite nest. As the energy is moving downward it is also not a time for mental work, so put that logical brain to rest. As we drop down and in — as we give ourselves permission to really get quiet — what do we find? Our enhanced intuition, that will guide us in how process the cycle we are leaving behind and hold us as we rest in the space in between. If we do this, we will be ready to be birthed anew and begin again.

The Power of Menstruation for Healing

During this sacred time there is possibility for deep nurturing, healing and developing new levels of wisdom. We must make it our intention to honor the process. That is all we need to do: make the space with reverence for ourselves and nature’s beautiful expression. That is the beauty, we don’t need to do anything, all will unfold like a flower blossoming as the feminine softens and lets go.

Surely if you make this part of your life, as a sacred ritual of self-care and an expression of self-love; then your red moon time will become your favorite time of month, as it is mine. Sisters, please trust me. Try it for yourself…

I used to have very painful periods and that has totally disappeared. No more stabbing pain and reaching for painkillers. No more dreading my next one. Now I rejoice in being a woman, as I allow myself to truly be that which I am.

The secret is that this time of the month is powerfully transformative if given its due attention. The patriarchal society in which we grew up in has encouraged (or brainwashed) women to push on as if their periods didn’t exist! Just plug it up with a synthetic chemically bleached tampon, take some pills and keep up the status quo. What a tragedy to say the least! Not only for women, but for men as well. This is the opportune time for men to step up and be the caretaker, to show their qualities of noble masculinity. It is also the time that women can receive profound realizations to help redirect their family and even society as a whole in the right direction. In ancient cultures, women were consulted on all tribal matters during their red moon period; as the veil between the worlds is lifted. Channels of perception naturally open to reveal deeper truths.

Yes sisters, out of fear, of that which has not been understood and cannot be controlled, has been ostracized. So, instead of celebrating the natural process and its gifts, women have been shunned in some cultures and in others been taught to reject and even eradicate their natural cycles all together!

The Blessings of Menstruation

All is not what it seems. Seemingly inconvenience can turn into a blessing. The magic of alchemy is transforming pain into pleasure. Death become life as the wheel turns. We are part of nature’s wheel, the moon’s ebb and flow, deeply connected to this cycle of life. The feminine experience is meant to correspond with Mother Nature, to be part of her rhythms.

Women are now once again claiming their birthright to simply be as she is… free to be authentic and true to her needs. No more apologies, no more guilt. The divine feminine is rising. Taking back our menstrual periods as sacred is a crucial step to this unfolding.

So sisters, I invite you now in this moment to take a vow with me for your next coming red moon. Let us commit to taking time to just be with ourselves in the silence of our soul.

Red Moon Manifesto

We will:

  • Honor our bodies and their natural ebb and flow as we are one with the moon.

  • Take a vow of silence for at least one day (or at least a few hours) as we sink into the warm darkness of the self.

  • Connect with our like-minded sisters for nourishment and support.

  • Allow our minds, bodies, and souls to deeply rest.

  • Turn off all electronics. It is so liberating, you can do it!

  • Only do activities that give us pleasure and make us feel deliciously nourished.

  • Treat ourselves with radical self-love — yes, sister — your needs come first!

  • Feel held and protected by the universal energies of sky and earth as we are a child of Mother Nature.

  • Only use products that are healthy for our bodies, like washable cotton pads and moon cups.

  • Offer our sacred blood back to the earth as it is healing life liquid.

  • Feed ourselves healthy easily digestible foods, yes, that includes dark organic chocolate, better if homemade.

  • Let our friends and family know that we are not to be disturbed. They will survive!

  • Give ourselves at least one day totally uninterrupted, more if possible. Space will open.

  • Have faith that times are changing and we are part of a collective rising of divine feminine sisterhood.

With Deep Appreciation and Heartfelt Connection,

Your red moon sister

— Gopika


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