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Spacious Contentment

Updated: Aug 29, 2020

Sitting here in paradise I realize I need nothing else as nature is a balsam for my soul. After being here for only two weeks my nervous system has relaxed. I am content to watch nature’s dance from my terrace.

The birds are happy today, chirping as they move from branch to branch. An eagle soars in the distance, standing out against the brilliant blue sky. The seven sister birds discuss over the sound of prayers from the mosque down the road. Ahhh… India, the mystical place where the essence of life becomes profoundly present.

​Goa, my home, my temple — where I find my joy as I remember who I am and what I am meant to be. Releasing all expectations, in flow with the harmony of life, happiness becomes the most valuable jewel.

In this moment, I embrace wholeness as I relinquish the pressure to achieve.

All that is meant to be is already done. Breathe in. Space. Breathe out. Space. The more space the more freedom.

Moonlit Night

As I sit here on the back porch gazing at the full moon, sounds of crickets fill the air, a cat meowing, water falling, motorbikes and people in the distance.

Fresh air on the skin surrounded by coconut trees and the fresh smell of earth, I am reminded of my own existence, a part of this divine symphony.

As I allow my soul to speak, as I allow myself to listen, I understand. Intuition rises with the moonlight.

Secrets of the Forest

This forest is incredibly full of life, so much so that is a bit unnerving. Man felt afraid of being so small so little by little he began to defend and to destroy, so that he not need feel powerless any longer in the face of the immensely powerful great Mother Nature. Self-defense became domination.

Sitting here all alone, yet not alone as nature speaks, breathes, and tells us her secrets if we are ready to listen. She whispers of magic and mystery, a time long ago when joyful and harmonious living was the way.

People in countries, both developed and just struggling for survival, have made it a habit to do what they feel they need to in the easiest way, without a care for the consequences. The damage done to our planet is as large as the collective unconsciousness. Sounds of sawing in the distance alert me this constant plundering of Mother Bhumi. Burning fields in farmlands, cutting down precious trees (our own lungs), suffocating her with plastic; a disgrace on humanity.

Nature’s bounty becomes dry, less alive, more in control. She is taken from without given care, praise and even worship. The Goddess has been pushed aside and forgotten. It is time to wake up to her majesty and repair the damage that has been done.

Still She continues to shelter and to give us sustenance. How divinely merciful is the Goddess.

Magic around me… sounds of leaves falling, wind blowing carrying the smell of flowers, fresh scent and taste, birdies cooing, flying chameleons, ants big and small marching on their way!

We are children of the earth. Let us remember that always and live with reverence.

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I absolutely loved your blog ...Spacious Contentment! I can so relate to this! Though miles apart in different countries, the birds still sing, and the scent of the air here noe with a cold freshness to it.... Connecting to my surroundings and nature is a necessary part of my day. Blessings to you 🙏

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