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Honoring the Body Temple

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

“I am more than just a woman. I am a temple. I am of and for the Gods. If you cannot come to me as divine then do not come to me at all.” — Mayahuasca

As woman, you are a sacred vessel that may be filled with divine energy, once you honor your body as a temple.

Why We Should Honor the Body Temple

In order for us as women to experience our fullest divine feminine potential we must honor our own body as a temple. How do we do that? The short answer is through self-love. By respecting our needs and paying heed to our innermost desires, we begin to live in a way that resonates with who we truly are. In other words, we become authentic and naturally grounded in our true self.

The more we cultivate deep self-acceptance, the more free we become. Our self-worth, and therefore our happiness, no longer depends on outside feedback; the opinions of others. This self-sovereignty is extremely liberating. Our internal state dictates our mood rather than outside circumstances. This brings us effortlessly into alignment while opening doors to higher states of being.

13 Ways to Cherish your Body Temple

  1. Do what makes you feel alive. What did you enjoy doing as a young girl?

  2. Give your body what nourishes it. Wholesome pleasures can be experienced in food, relationships, and conscious movement like dance and yoga.

  3. Spend time in nature, every day! You can find the way. Nature is an essential source of prana.

  4. Dance and Celebrate! Find that inner spark of joy. Shake your Shakti!

  5. Sleep and Rest when you need — give yourself permission to let go of striving and make space for relaxation of body and mind.

  6. Adorn your body temple with natural fabrics and natural products. You can be both healthy and beautiful.

  7. Your red moon time is your time to retreat and replenish. Honor your menstrual period as the truly sacred time it is. Use natural products, like washable pads and moon cups. Your yoni will thank you!

  8. Practice sacred sexuality. Honor your feelings and needs with a partner who matches your heart and soul. Know that you are worthy of the highest treatment. Be with people who make you feel like the goddess you are.

  9. Find enjoyment in everyday life. Breathe and make space to feel pleasure by dropping out of the mind and into the body.

  10. Accept your body as it is. Focus on that what you like and accentuate that. Your body is divine.

  11. Keep a daily routine that is a sacred ritual of nourishment. This may include spiritual and physical practices that help to ground you in positive energy.

  12. Create beauty. Spending a bit of time each day in beauty care helps to awaken goddess energy. You may also create beauty in your home, garden, and kitchen.

  13. Know your worth! You are already perfect. Own it!

Creating your Home Temple

Shakti Needs Her Sacred Space

Your home is a reflection of your heart. Making a sanctuary that supports you to rest, create, and enjoy is deeply important in the path of honoring your inner Goddess. You deserve to be a queen of your domain. Creativity and pleasure are core principles of the divine feminine. Manifesting your home temple is a way to bring these two together. You can consciously create certain feeling by arranging your home in a way that pleases you.

3 Ways to Transform Your Space into Your Home Temple — Bring in Beauty!

Color, texture and scent are essential elements of a comfortable aesthetically pleasing environment. Ask yourself, what are my favorite colors? What soothes my soul and uplifts my spirit? Then find ways to bring in those things. Most importantly, design corners in your home that inspire your imagination and delight your senses.

Create Congruency!

How the energy flows in your home is vital for easeful living. Empty space is just as important, if not more so, than filled space. Breathability is key! Look into the ancient arts of Vastu and Feng Shui for ideas on how to do this. Tune in to how objects feel in the room and how much space is needed between them. Less is more! Make sure you have room to dance and play!

Make it Magical!

A true Priestess is she who can create harmony in the outer world using her skills of transforming the mundane into the sacred. She does this with intention and a bit of magic. Utilizing natural elements and intuitive power; the embodied goddess can make a heaven on earth. Cleansing out negativity and drawing in positive energy is the first step. Bringing in natural elements such as plants, flowers and crystals will enliven the space. Sacred sounds like singing bowls and mantras along with incense and sage will help to keep the environment energetically clean, with a high vibratory field. This is absolutely essential as the space in which we live directly affects our mood.

Honoring the Body Temple is a Process

Get creative with what you have, finding new ways to arrange and decorate. Bring in positive energy through clearing clutter and blessing your space. Enjoy the process of cultivating a home temple that mirrors the beauty that is within you.


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