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Ayurveda and Yoga Sister Sciences

Updated: Aug 29, 2020

Veda means eternal truth. It is something that is as applicable today as it was thousands of years ago, as is Ayurveda – the science of life or the art of being. Perhaps it is even more needed today than ever as what was once common sense has been forgotten. People are losing the simple knowledge of how to live in harmony with themselves and the world around them.

Things such as being in sync with the rhythms of the day and night, the moon cycle, the seasons and the all-pervading presence of Mother Nature are absolutely vital to our own state of well-being.

The Disconnection from Nature

​As the age of technology is rapidly advancing the disconnection with nature is becoming greater. This implies a disconnect with our very Selves. “As the microcosm so the macrocosm,” so the ayurvedic truth goes. We are made up of the very same elements as the entire universe around us (earth, water, fire air, and ether). How marvelous is that! If we can learn to balance these internal energies this will reflect on our lives externally and vice versa. This state of equilibrium can be a reality for all of us, it just takes a little know-how.

Just as this incredible universe is working with amazing precision and unfathomable synchronicity, so are our bodies, as we are a miniature universe. When we connect with the innate intelligence within us, we can bring ourselves into a state of supreme well-being. Why settle for less? We are designed to be magnificent, just as the world around us. We are meant to bring out all the potential that lies dormant inside of us to enhance this incredible experience we call life!

Ayurveda reminds us of how to get on the track that we know we should be on. Its practice activates our intuition which guides us to make the right choices for our well-being and highest good. It is not something artificially imposed but rather a way of truly knowing ourselves at our deepest level. With this knowing naturally we begin to see reality clearly, as we make choices that reflect who we truly are. Our lives change for the better. Ultimately we can satisfy our deepest desires and fulfill our life’s mission or destiny.

Getting Back on Track

Ayurveda was truly created for this purpose. Yes, you will develop increased energy, better sleep, good digestion; a happier healthier life. However, originally it was created by ancient yogis to provide the necessary foundation upon which the ultimate goals of yoga could be reached. Something like setting up a good foundation before constructing a house. Only when the body is in its prime, fully balanced and functioning well can one’s yoga practice truly bear fruit. We all know about the mind-body connection and how they are in constant communication. There is no separation. It is very difficult to sit in meditation if there is illness or even tension in the body. Thus hatha yoga is the first step in order to balance the body with movement (both the physical and pranic bodies). After which meditation and deeper levels of realization can unfold. The entire being is ready for that unfoldment if one is living an ayurvedic lifestyle.

Yoga and Ayurveda have been sister sciences since the beginning of time. Like good sisters they work together to mutually support each other. Ayurveda shows us how a yogi or yogini must live to fully experience yoga’s promise of supreme bliss and samadhi. All aspects of our life must become fully conscious if we are to become fully conscious!

Just as yoga will transform your life, Ayurveda will transform your yoga practice.

Connecting All Aspects of Your Existence

When there is no longer separation between your yoga practice and the rest of your life, then you can understand that real yoga is taking place — union will happen, that connects all aspects of your existence. All that you do takes on a natural rhythm. Everything in your life (your daily habits, work, diet and relationships to yourself and others) serve to bring out your own inner light. You begin to shine from within; as yoga together with Ayurveda reveals your true nature (one of eternity, consciousness and bliss) — one that the world is waiting for and in need of.

We all play a valuable part in this symphony of life — each valuable and unique. As we learn to accept and love ourselves, on and off the mat, we become softer and kinder to others around us. We gain the confidence to do the work we love and the energy to fulfill our destiny in this lifetime. Ayurveda and yoga come together so that we humans can learn the tools needed to make the most of our life, a guide for us to fully know ourselves from the inside out, keep ourselves in balance and ultimately bring out our full potential at every level of our existence (mind, body and soul). After all we are divine beings having an incredible human experience. Let’s make the best of it!


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