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Empower your Shakti


Sister, are you ready to claim your unique expression of feminine power, erotic freedom and divine connection?

Do you Desire to...

Wake up full of energy and excited for the day ahead?

This is possible for you, my love.

You are not meant to play small, live a life stressed out and stretched too thin. 

More abundance, more love, more meaning, more pleasure & more grounded peace await you.​

The path of the Priestess holds the KEY to living this type of lusciously ecstatic existence.  

It's time to blossom into your Feminine radiance!


Sovereign Queen 

Embodied Empress

Tantrik Priestess

Each of them will include activations of a presiding deity, Durga, Lakshmi & Saraswati-

to awaken the divine powers that reside within and create transformation.


Yogini Gopika

Dear Sister,

I'm honored to share with you the secrets of the Divine Feminine that have been gifted to me over the years.  These Codes are remembrances of the Priestess path that was once lost, but is now being resurrected in its fullest expression. A lot of what I share has been downloaded in moments of trance, as the Goddess Herself deeply desires for women to claim this knowledge once again.  

In this mentorship I will take you step by step through the mindset and methods required to call back and raise up your personal power in every way.  I have had to do this for myself many times throughout my own life, so I am sharing from a place of full bodied experience.  Together we will create a bridge from self-love to self-realization.

Empower your Shakti is both a 1:1 Mentorship and Priestess Training Course designed to systematically support your evolution, within a customized intimate experience.  Take my hand Sister.  Let's journey together toward claiming your rightful place on your throne!

It's time to become the Woman
you are destined to be!
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