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Empower Your Shakti


Sister, you are already perfect right now, but like all of us maybe you just need some reminding and some practices to support that remembrance.  As long as there is a deep desire to blossom into your divine feminine then that intention will carry you to the next stage you need.  I truly believe this program will indeed EMPOWER YOUR SHAKTI, lifting you to heights while nourishing your depths, creating a well-rounded foundation for you to awaken your inner magnificence.   

To come into embodied feminine power is every woman’s birthright, yet it requires nourishment, support, and cultivation.  Along with the video modules, pdfs. and group call, 
you will receive 1 private mentoring session with me, to facilitate deepening and integration.   




Phase 1

Sovereign Queen of Self Care

Magnificent Maharani

She Who Stands in Her Power, Fueled by Self Love & Self-Care. Awakening Magnetic Majesty of Feminine Design

Phase 2

Inner Yogini of Authentic Being

 Feminine Mystic

She Who Stands in Her Mastery, Fueled by Authentic Purpose.  Awakening  Mystical Magic and Cosmic Connection

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Phase 3

Tantrik Dakini of Ecstatic Pleasure

 Priestess of Love

She Who Embodies Ecstatic Union, Fueled by Erotic Spirituality.  Awakening Pleasure, Presence & Potential