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Embodied Empress

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Now that you have come into your sovereignty it will become clear what you truly want and the paths will open for you to magnetize those desires into reality.  It’s time to become the rightful ruler of your own Empire. Take your seat on your throne of majesty. In this phase you will learn how to use your sexuality as fuel to empower your most coveted aspirations.  Not only will you give yourself permission for pleasure, but you will become a walking embodiment of erotic energy and feminine magnetism. 

Sister, are you ready to embody your erotic energy? To create an empire from the creative power of orgasmic bliss and feminine allure?

Yes? You are ready to become the Empress. The Embodied Empress is the powerful force of your sexuality. She is the Creatrix of the universe. The pulse of Shakti present in all things. The Empress archetype is here to remind you that you can be sovereign, sexy and mysterious all at the same time. She knows her power and how to use it. Her aspirations turn to reality through her erotic embodiment. She will show you how to reclaim your sexuality, feel pleasure without shame, adorn your body temple, make room for your deepest desires and circulate this energy through your body for deep healing, personal pleasure and expansion.


Embody Your Eroticism

You will LEARN how to:

✧ Exist in  Sensual Presence

✧ Use a jade egg & yoni wand in your self-pleasure practice

✧ Claim your desires with erotic fantasy practice

✧ Circulate life-force in your body

✧ Perform Sacred Beauty and Water rituals with Lakshmi

✧ Cultivate Amrita - that deep ojas that gives youthful radiance

You Will Receive

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✧ Private sessions with Gopika

✧ Three Workbooks: Empress CodesEmbodied Expressions  and Beauty Amplified with wisdom, practices, and journal prompts for self discovery

✧ 5 Videos: Yoni Healing Ritual, Divine Feminine Flow Practice with Shakti Dance + the Rituals listed below

✧ Support in uncovering your deepest desires and working through any remaining sexual shame to truly embody your erotic energy

✧ Subconscious reprogramming through Yoga Nidra

Special GIFTs: The Embodied Woman Meditation.

Beauty Recipes for Your Skin.  Lakshmi Water Ritual.

Sacred Rituals

Lakshmi Water Ritual

Tantric Techniques to Sublimate Sex Energy
plus Yoni to Heart Kundalini Transmutation

Yoni Healing Practice

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