A Tantric Circle of Transformation

 Full Moon Magic 

 Sacred Alchemy 

 Ritualized Ceremony 

 Priestess Practices 

 Divine Connection 

This is not your usual sisterhood...

Yes, you will find support and unconditional love, but more than that you will step into a space of alchemy. 


Every month we will tune to the energies of the full moon to create a portal of potential, a vortex of transformational possibility. 


Join us as we lift the veils between the worlds to access the magic that happens when women unite with a common purpose.

Let our Sisterhood support your evolution.  It’s time to unleash your inner goddess and become the woman you are destined to be.  You are invited to claim your sacred feminine force of creativity and power.  Your highest potential awaits....


What was impossible alone becomes possible through the strength of sisterhood.

Shakti desires to spiral through you.

Are you ready to answer the call?

The Sisterhood Experience

Shakti Dance

Elemental Magic

Power of Sacred Space

Mantras to Invoke the Goddess

Kundalini Tantra Practices

Feminine Rituals

Visualizations & Manifestations


Intention & Imagination

Invoking feminine archetypes is an essential practice to embody their divine qualities and welcome their unique gifts into our lives.

Full Moon Shakti Circles

This monthly 90 minute circle creates a Portal of Potential for Feminine Evolution.

✧ Each month we will channel a different Goddess from the Tantra tradition. 

 Oracle Readings for the Group 

✧ All circles are held via live Zoom call on the Thursday or Saturday closest to the full moon at 6 PM PST. Recordings of all sessions will be sent via email as well. 

 Each circle will be a mix of invocation, intention setting, sacred movement, the topic of exploration, goddess embodiment, sister sharing and meditation.

Private Facebook Group

 Access to private Facebook group as a sacred space for expression and connection

 Community of Supportive Soul Sisters who are on the same path

 Monthly theme that will relate to a specific Goddess to focus on as a collective

 Inspirations on the Priestess Path of Goddess Awakenings

 Tips to enhance your Divine Feminine Energy in daily life.

 Goddess Rituals - short guided videos that you will receive in your inbox to enhance your daily life

Upcoming Schedule

Each month we will channel a different Goddess from

The Dasa Mahavidyas, The 10 Wisdom Goddesses of Tantra.

* Full Moon Circles will take place on the following full moon dates at 6PST, but are subject to change.

✧ MAY 26: KALI 

Transformation through Fearlessness. Personal Evolution and Tantra.


Spaciousness, Vision and Manifestation.


Spaciousness, Vision and Manifestation.


Purity and artistic expression. Expressive play.

✧ JUN 24: TARA 

Compassion and the wisdom born of Self-love


Divine Desire and Creation. Erotic Mysticism.


Tapasya and Self- Sacrifice. Energizing the Inner Fire.


Courage, Sexual Power and Kundalini.


Existence beyond mundane reality. The Void. Self-protection.


Enjoyment, Beauty and intoxicating harmony. Eternal youth.


Ecstatic Union. Masculine Feminine Balance.


How to walk this earth as a Tantrica. Embodiment and Integration.

Meet Your Creatrix

Tantrik Priestess and Intuitive Guide, Yogini Gopika has walked the spiritual path of the goddesses for 17 years and has been sharing her teachings with women around the world. Through her own experience, Gopika has been inspired to help other women embody the divine feminine and live more passionate, more fulfilling lives. She will be holding sacred space for the Shakti Sisterhood and leading the Shakti Circles.

What Sisters Are Saying

" The Full Moon circles are a great way to connect in a safe space with other sisters on a similar path. The energy created has been highly beneficial to me, along with the nectar and wisdom of Gopika's deeply spiritual and life enriching teachings. I HIGHLY recommend this Sisterhood. "
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Shakti is the dynamic force that moves through the entire universe, the Great Goddess. On the earthly plane, Shakti manifests in the Bodies of Women who are awakened to their own creativity and feminine power. When we get to know Her she naturally empowers us with Her own divine qualities, awakening the potential of Kundalini that lies within. 

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$24 per month

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$219 per year

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Free Goddess Gift

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Get Gopika's A Goddess's Guide to Self-Care: A Journey Through the Pancha Kosha as a free bonus gift with your Yearly Membership. This 75 page, indepth e-book is designed to walk you through our 5 bodies of existence so that you can more fully embody your truest self. With these devotional practices, we are able to invite divine energy into the physical realm and into our own body temples.

Shakti Circle Preview

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Join your sisters in the sacred realm where the magic of your inner Goddess is invited to shine at Her full potential.

If you have questions you'd like answered before signing-up, please email Gopika